The stepping debugger

Using sourcemaps

Since version 0.7, Indium uses sourcemap files by default.

For sourcemaps to work properly with Chrome/Chromium, make sure that a workspace is correctly set (see Using local files when debugging).

If you wish to disable sourcemaps when debugging, set indium-script-enable-sourcemaps to nil.

Blackboxing scripts

The custom variable indium-debugger-blackbox-regexps holds a list of regular expression of script paths to blackbox when debugging.

Blackboxed scripts are skipped when stepping in the debugger.

Sourcemaps and Webpack

When using Webpack to bundle JavaScript files, Indium will only be able to use sourcemaps if Webpack is configured to emit absolute file paths.

Here is an example configuration snippet to be inserted in webpack.config.json

output : {
  devtoolModuleFilenameTemplate: '[absolute-resource-path]',
  devtoolFallbackModuleFilenameTemplate: '[absolute-resource-path]?[hash]'